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Guidance, Positioning & ROI

Our consultation is ideal for those evaluating a new investment opportunity or exploring turning their current home into a short term & vacation rental business. This service provides counsel and guidance on various elements such as pricing, ADR (average daily rate), income and expense evaluation, occupancy, comparable home data, ROI expectations, transient tax, insurance, regulatory climate, and investability parameters.

Our Reports

We provide a nuts & bolts analysis (25-50pg report) which is a customized report to your property/prospective property.

FOCUS AREAS: Price, Occupancy, Seasonality, Rental Demand, Revenue Growth, Investability, Regulatory Environment

We rely on recorded any calendar changes and key characteristics such as length of stay, booking lead time, booking history, reviews, host response rates, and more.

We rely on recordings of each unique reservation and determine the value of each reservation using the rates that were available the day before the booking was made.

This report is strictly limited to (1) property (either acquisition of a new property, or evaluation of an existing property).

Following the report, we arrange a 30 minute (by phone) question and answer session for discussion.

Please allow 7-10 business days for the completion of the report.

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