Riverside Square 2 bed by YourHost, Nairobi

This sophisticatedly furnished two-bedroom apartment located off Riverside Drive presents guests with a distinctive and unparalleled experience during their stay in Nairobi. Radiating with natural light, the living space seamlessly integrates with the modern kitchen, offering all the contemporary amenities one could desire.

Equipped with cutting-edge speakers, the living room and both bedrooms deliver a surround sound experience, immersing guests in audio excellence from every corner.

The tranquil balcony offers a serene view of the surroundings, creating a perfect spot for relaxation.

The master bedroom, featuring a breezy ambiance, comes complete with its own private ensuite bathroom. The second bedroom boasts an adjacent bathroom and a dedicated workspace furnished with a printer.

Guests are presented with a choice of two swimming pools accompanied by outdoor seating areas, in addition to a well-appointed gym.

Connected via an elevated pedestrian bridge to the Riverside Square Mall, the apartment provides easy access to the supermarket, cafe, and greengrocer just across the street.