The Best Locations in Kenya for Property Investment in 2024

Nairobi City

Kenya’s property market is thriving, and several locations stand out as prime investment opportunities due to their growth potential, infrastructure development, and rising demand. Here are some of the best locations in Kenya for property investment right now:

1. Nairobi

As the capital city and economic hub, Nairobi remains a top choice for property investment:

  • Westlands: Known for its commercial vibrancy, Westlands is ideal for investing in office spaces, retail centers, and high-end residential apartments.
  • Kilimani: A rapidly growing area with a mix of residential and commercial developments, Kilimani is popular for modern apartments and mixed-use developments.
  • Karen: This leafy suburb is perfect for luxury residential properties, offering a serene environment with proximity to amenities and schools.
  • Ruiru: Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Ruiru is gaining popularity due to its affordable land prices and ongoing infrastructure projects like the Thika Superhighway.

2. Mombasa

Kenya’s coastal city offers attractive investment opportunities, especially in the hospitality and residential sectors:

  • Nyali: A prime residential area with beautiful beaches and luxurious homes, Nyali is perfect for high-end residential and holiday properties.
  • Bamburi: Known for its vibrant tourism sector, Bamburi offers great opportunities for investing in holiday rentals and beachfront properties.
  • Diani: Located south of Mombasa, Diani is renowned for its pristine beaches and is a hotspot for luxury villas and resorts.

3. Nakuru

Nakuru, located in the Rift Valley, is rapidly growing and offers promising investment prospects:

  • Milimani: A prime residential area with stunning views of Lake Nakuru, Milimani is ideal for high-end residential developments.
  • Njoro: Known for its agricultural potential, Njoro is great for agribusiness investments, as well as residential properties catering to the university population.
  • Naivasha: With its scenic landscapes and proximity to Nairobi, Naivasha is perfect for holiday homes, resorts, and agricultural investments.

4. Kiambu

Kiambu County, bordering Nairobi, is experiencing significant growth and development:

  • Thika: Known for its industrial and commercial potential, Thika is ideal for mixed-use developments and affordable housing projects.
  • Ruiru: As mentioned earlier, Ruiru’s proximity to Nairobi and ongoing infrastructure improvements make it a prime location for residential and commercial investments.
  • Limuru: With its cool climate and scenic views, Limuru is perfect for residential estates and agricultural investments, particularly in floriculture and horticulture.

5. Kisumu

Kisumu, the largest city in western Kenya, offers unique investment opportunities, especially with recent infrastructural developments:

  • Milimani: A prime residential area with beautiful views of Lake Victoria, Milimani is ideal for luxury homes and apartments.
  • Riat Hills: Known for its upscale residential developments, Riat Hills offers stunning views and is perfect for high-end properties.
  • Kibos: With its agricultural potential and proximity to the city, Kibos is great for agribusiness and residential investments.

6. Machakos

Machakos County, particularly Athi River and Machakos Town, is emerging as a strong investment destination:

  • Athi River: With numerous industrial parks and residential estates, Athi River is perfect for affordable housing and commercial properties.
  • Machakos Town: Known for its scenic beauty and growing infrastructure, Machakos Town offers opportunities for residential estates and hospitality investments.


Kenya’s property market is diverse and dynamic, offering numerous investment opportunities across various regions. Whether you’re looking for residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments, the locations mentioned above provide promising prospects for significant returns on investment.

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